Waze,Traffic Outsmarting navigation app…

I met some interesting guys from Waze at Tech4Africa and they should me some really cool useful traffic navigation app called Waze. It helps you navigate to through traffic, find the best route, know where the traffic cops and camera is and also see how hectic traffic is

So can you download the app, which is available for FREE on Blackberry, Android and Apple(ipad and iph0ne) devices. I think there is one for Nokia devices with a Windows Phone on the way. I played around with Waze  on all platforms and liked the iPad more.

You enter your preferred destination through your preferred navigation map and search engine. It will give you an estimated time that you will take to reach your destination. It will also show you the traffic flow via colour with orange being ok traffic and red being  heavy traffic. I love how it works at nice, it really comes alive

You also get to see other Waze app users called Wazers that are around you. Another cool part is that other wazer users get to report accidents that are happening and where they are happening so you know where to avoid traffic. So everybody is constantly updating each other. This is crowdsourcing at its best

Another cool feature is that you can help map out South Africa. So if there is a new place that isn’t available on Waze you can just add it, or as Waze users say, PAVE it

Tired of speed traps or not knowing where the traffic officers are hiding? Just take out Waze and it will help you stop them from playing hide and seek

There is a whole lot more to this cool app that I didnt mention but worth checking out. Read more about it on www.waze.com. You can also follow them on Twitter via @WazeSa and connect with them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/WazeApp



Here is a video I took of the WazeSA guys explaining and showing how it works. Click here to watch the video