Graduation Day, the battle has been won but the war isn’t over

Those in primary school can’t wait to get to high school. Once in high school you just want to jump straight to tertiary. A few assignments and failed tests in tertiary leave you wanting to just get out as fast as possible.

Studying and actually managing to obtain a qualification is one of the greatest challenges one faces in life. It’s a constant battle zone that never seems to finish. Its financially costly, energy consuming, stressful and very good for the coffee making companies

I almost dropped out of tertiary for good. Thanks to some convincing from my good friend I stayed. It wasn’t because it was challenging but never used to never understand the concept of going to tertiary if I can actually stay at home and teach myself, which is actually what I did. I hope my parents never get to read this post. I now believe that education is the key even though one shouldn’t rely just on their qualification

Sometimes I wonder why Graduation isn’t really given that much exposure compared to Matric results by the government and media. It is after all as important since it’s the next step towards employment and creating a better future for our country

Graduation day doesn’t sink in until the night before. You make sure the clothes fit, the shoes are ready, the camera AND phone are charged and the date is correct. Walking up that podium while wearing your qualification colours feels soooooooooo great. You feel like a soldier coming home from doing battle while everyone is cheering you up. One just needs to constantly watch their steps to make sure they don’t fall. You don’t want to be remembered as that guy who fell.

The sleepless nights, cross nights, pages of notes, late assignments, and stressful projects are over (for now depending on whether you will continue or not). Seeing the smiles on fellow graduates is so exciting. The excitement and jubilation on the faces of one’s parents, family and friends is priceless and the fashion statements are on another level. Words can’t explain the feeling. It’s one of those things you just need to go through at least once
Hats off to those that have been graduating these past few days and those that have long graduated. You have fought, won the battle and have earned your colours. For that we salute you. The war isn’t yet over. Job hunting is up next, more qualifications are still up for grabs
As we celebrate and cheer for those who are graduating (especially my fellow IT soldiers) let us keep in mind that the number of graduates in South Africa is still low. So to those waiting in line do not give up. One day is one day
Cheers to the future


3 thoughts on “Graduation Day, the battle has been won but the war isn’t over

  1. Congratulations to all my friend who graduated today.. I salute guys watch the space september here i come…..

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