Mobile apps, THE NEW ECONOMY

IT brings the best out of people,it makes the impossible possible and has a way of shaping the world economy through innovations, new trends and access to information

Now there is a new trend that is constantly knocking on the door and can’t be ignored.THE MOBILE APP market

As new phones come to the market and more people start owning smartphones an opportunity arises for developers to make money.Huge corporations are spending lots of money to have apps for their businesses so that people can do business with them via the mobile devices through these apps.Even hospitals and doctors have their own apps for mobile because they realize that people want to have control.

Currently the mobile app ecosystem is dominated by Apple and android with Android having over 400 000 apps.There is also a new kid on the block called Windows Phone coming in slowly with 70 000 apps.So the opportunities for developers is broad and so are the options in terms of choosing which ecosystem to go for.

FNB is leading the South African banking sector with their Banking app which is a hit with many of its iPad,iPhone and blackberry users

To show that this is serious business the World Bank in partnership with Nokia,Finland’s ministry of foreign affairs and the South African Department of Science and Technology have started an incubator called mLab in Pretoria at the Innovation hub that is aimed at targeting mobile apps developers