Tablets in schools….Do we really need them?

I love technology and all its betters our lives and make things simple for us but it can also have a negative effect on us

There have been stories on leading news papers about how schools are adopting technology, especially in the form of tablets.One private school in Johannesburg has even given the parents of the pupils a deadline for them to make sure their kids have ipads to use in class by June.

The use of tablets isn’t just restricted to the elite schools of South Africa,they are also being taken to rural areas with the help of private schools and iSchoolAfrica with the aim of improving the matric pass rate.

Introducing such technology to schools will really improve access to studying material and can reduce the delaying of text books to schools because the text books would be just installed as eBooks.There will be certain legal issues to go through like publishers getting their share though im sure that can be fixed.Students would have access to really time information through the internet and learn fast through seeing images and sound. They would grow into the digital age and have access to a whole range of learning resources like Microsoft Learning Suite,Google edu an educational games like Apples Mathletics which helps students to solve maths problems

There are drawbacks to introducing this kind of technology to schools.Last year I had a debate with a friends and she said she wouldn’t allow such technology to replace the traditional way of schooling like using a pen and normal text books.I disagreed with her then and I still partially disagree with her now.It did take some personal experience to actually feel she might have a point. Lately I have become too lazy to write proper English, my spelling skills are horrible and my handwriting is a mess simply because I’m always texting and typing and have access to a wonderful tool called predictive text.

Another major drawback is that internet access in our country is expensive and not a lot of people have access to it.The government would have to sort this out and maybe introduce WI-FI connection at disadvantaged schools or else there will be a major gap in our education system

This will be a major problem with the introduction of tablets at school.Yes they will allow faster and better access to information but will also kill certain important educational skills a pupil needs.I have a feeling this is just the beginning of the tablets taking over.I just hope a balance is kept


I am an unemployed youth…IS THERE A FUTURE FOR ME?

One of the greatest challenges facing our beloved country is the rate of unemployement.Let’s face it,it’s not going to end anytime soon.There is a growing debate on whether the government is doing enough to create jobs for the youth and also for the general public.Another challenge that comes to mind,even though some see it as an excuse by big corporates,is that we are in an economic crisis and instead companies are letting people go than hiring them.

As a young South African I must admit that’s its a mission to get a job,even a simple internship and I have seen a lot of my friends get frustrated and close to giving up because there just seems to be no opportunities for them.Take a simple government internship post where they are looking for just 3 people yet over a thousand have applied.

It’s easy to sit and blame the government and the huge corporates.Okay maybe they can and should do just a little bit extra but question is what are you the individual doing to better your own life?

I’m a huge admirer of street vendors and those standing on the roads selling things in the blazing heat all day.Yes,maybe that’s not the route I would take but I like how they refuse to sit at home and do nothing with their lives while constantly complaining about what they lack.Instead they wake up and go hustle hard

Release your potential

“This is a time for bold measures. This is the country, and you are the generation.”
— Bono
Most of the guys doing IT in tertiary have amazing skills in developing systems,apps and almost anything that is required.Sometimes I wish I had the skills they have.Yet they sit at home and majority will never take the bold step and do something for themselves with their skills because they have a mentality that the only way to make money is to have a boss.What if no boss decides to hire you?

We lack Entrepreneurs

“The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible, and achieve it, generation after generation. ”
— Pearl S. Buck

I have taken lots of risk with the little money got my hands on and 6/10 times the risk paid of.I am not yet where I want to be but I believe I have a business mentality and I will keep digging my gold mine.I know the challenges that face one in starting something with financial backing being one of them but that alone shouldn’t stop you as long as you believe in your idea

A lot of countries out do us in a lot of areas but one that stands out is in the entrepreneur department. A lot of people,especially young guys are making a killing financially all over the world especially in America and it’s not that they have a strong financial muscle but because they are constantly looking for ideas,opportunities and are not afraid of taking the risk.

Lots of names spring to mind when I think of guys who made it from nothing to being filthy rich.One of my favourite local guys is Dj Sbu.Those who know Sbu will tell you he started from nothing but is now making it big as a musician,radio dj and has now ventured into the clothing industry all because he took a risk,believed in himself and worked his pants off

So to those still looking for jobs your time will come if you remain patient and have faith.Just don’t sit around doing nothing with your life and becoming a human tv guide while waiting for companies to call you or opportunities dropping from the sky. Go out there and volunteer,develop a new skill,polish your current skill,hustle hard,take a chance and create a need where there is a lack

“There is no obstacle in the path of young people who are poor or members of minority groups that hard work and preparation cannot cure.” 
— Barbara Jordan

Nokia Lumia 900 revealed at CES

There have been rumours doing the rounds for a while about the latest offering from Nokia, the Lumia 900. Even details about the phone were leaked out. Well Nokia  CEO Stephen Elop broke the silence and revealed the Nokia Lumia 900 to the world at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Though not yet available The 900 will officially be the top range Nokia Windows phone after the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800

Here are the specs

Nokia Lumia 900

  • 4.3-inch AMOLED Clear Black display
  • 1.4GHz CPU
  • Primary camera is Carl Zeiss, 2.2/28
  • 1830mAh battery
  • It will come in black and cyan
  • Nokia Drive
  • it even has built in Facebook check
  • 4G LTE
  • 11.5mm thin, 160g,
  • running Mango Commercial Release 2 (Mango + LTE).

Now we wait to see the phones drop down in South Africa. This will be an interesting year for Microsoft and Nokia