The HOT seat

Information is all around us, we just need to find a way to access it and use it to our advantage. Sometimes you just need to ask around, especially people who are always working with the information you need. We had an opportunity to conduct interviews on Facebook, with recruiters and people who specialize in certain areas like mobile development,so that we could gain more knowledge and guidance from them. All this was done in an amazing group on Facebook called INNOvatorz.IT

The interviews ranged from Job recruitment, role of a Business Analyst and also focused on a few guys who managed to develop apps for the Windows Phone mobile device. So what I will do is just have a quick recap on those interviews so that people can be able to have access to the discussions that took place. I will also put up some extracts from those interview. The feedback and response were amazing and has motivated us to have more of this kind of interviews in the future. We intend to make them a whole lot better, more interactive and will focus on a wider range of topics and issues. Conducting them on Facebook was just the beginning. In the long run we will use different platforms like video to conduct this interviews. We are still Brainstorming4Success….Watch this space

Interview with an IT Recruiter

“My short-term goal is to bluff my way through this job interview. My long-term goal is to invent a time machine so that I can come back and change everything I’ve said so far

We started of with two interviews with an IT Recruiter.They took place on the following days,
Friday, August 12, 2011

and Friday, October 21, 2011 It focused on members of INNOvatorz.IT asking a the recruiter questions about CV’s, the do’s and that don’t s of job hunting and many more job interview related questions. Below is an extraction from the Interview session that took place.

“We will first look at you results and when we are satisfied we will call you in for an Assessment and Interview. We do not require you to have much knowledge of testing but from your last project we expect you to have gained some knowledge. We will also look at how you present yourself during the interview. We want to see your passion shinning through when you talk or respond in an interview”

Interview with the BRILLIANT Dr Nkqubela Ruxwana on Business Informatics

This interview was mostly for those interested in  Business Analysis (BA), Business Intelligence, Enterprise Architecture,Project Management, Testing and IT management?

It was a very informative interview that helped us understand the role of a BA, the different areas that a BA can venture into and the challenges that a BA is faced with.

“It is also important to note that BA is not an easy job; though one can easily be hired as a BA strat from varsity; it needs some exp in other domains. I always pity those who think that jst after varsity they only wana b BA’s….I suggest u take any IT role that has people involvement, grow on it then move to BA. its always easier from development or testing to be a BA or PM. Do not rush as this is a very strong role u play n ur failures are easily visible to everyone!”  Dr N Ruxwana . The rest of the interview can be found here

Windows Phone App Interviews

The following interviews focused on two guys Monde Mbatha and Ernest James Loveland, both Microsoft Student Partners(MSP) who developed their own personal apps for the Windows Phone that can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Marketplace

Monde developed an app “that shows you how to pronounce our national anthem word for word” while Ernest James Loveland created a game called Galactic Jump. Sadly I cant seem to be able to create proper links to the interviews but they took place on the following dates. 1 December 2011 for Monde and Ernest interview took place the following day.

“I have reached 400 downloads basically, and my Advert revenue is currently at a few US Cents a month, not a high turnover, but I will be happy to hit 500 downloads” Ernest James Loveland


Greater Things Await Us…

Been thinking about doing this for a while since I always have a lot to share and talk about.Then when I finally decided to start I choked. Questions came to mind about what I really want to talk about since I’m very passionate about a whole lot things ranging from IT, entrepreneurship, INNOvation, youth and challenges that we are faced with everyday

Oh well this is my little private space so I will just fuse them all together. My heartbeat will direct me.

I don’t plan on being formal, will just break it down the way I feel is best to deliver the message, my thoughts, my opinions.I dont see the need to go all intellectual and end up confusing myself. I like things simple but very effective.

So welcome to my space.I will really appreaciate your feedback, positive or negative.If it doesnt break me it builds me and at the end we all learn something.Growing a little is better than not growing at all

Greater Things Await Us…